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Responsibility is something that every man, woman, even child must live with every day, for every step of their lives. In the long run, we all, at some point, try to relieve ourselves of our responsibilities, and make up excuses to do so.  But do these excuses make a difference in our long runs? Of … Continue reading Responsibility


While not something we all consider, it is something that makes characters more realistic.  Education is important to real people, so why not the fictional characters we create as well? Some characters created are considered to be geniuses, and most of these geniuses got to where they are by doing their homework and getting good … Continue reading Education


We all knew this one would show up sooner or later.  It is shown in TV and Literature all the time.  Perhaps the best display of character development is the love that a character shows for another. Now it’s obvious that these are always shown most through romance, but this is not the only kind … Continue reading Love

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